27 April 2010

Earth Day 2010

Its been almost a year since I posted. That is sad and if you don't read this blog anymore that's ok.

I've mentioned that Tara and I are early adopters of the green lifestyle. We've both been doing various things for the better part of a decade. Simple things like recycling and composting, buying recycled products, more natural products, etc.. Earth Day is one of the things we've both done for awhile as well. I usually went for the people watching and the music. Tara went for the green-ness, the sun and the food.

Among the problem now are that we are always tired, we have a little girl to consider, and we know/do a lot of the things featured at Nashville's Earth Day Celebration. My knowledge of all things green has deepened with the advent of the internet (Inhabitat, Eco Child's Play, ecorazzi.com, EcoTech Daily) but so has the accessibility and acceptability of green ideas and products. I feel I have little to learn from the booths of Earthday. I still want to see what is happening locally but for the past few years I have walked around saying "I already know that" or "I've been doing that for years." The other part that I get from the celebration is that a lot of it is preaching to the choir. I wish the organizers would attempt something that will engage the minority and poorer segments of Nashville's citizenry.

So this year we opted not to go. But how did we spend Earthday (and I mean the saturday when the citywide celebration happens, not specifically on the 4/20)? I planted trees. A month or so ago I picked up some free bare root trees and it took me awhile to get them in the ground. I planted a tulip poplar, a sawtooth oak and a bald cypress. I don't know how fast or slow these will grow but I have now replaced all the trees that were on this property when I was a kid. I can't wait till they get bigger. Julia is gonna have a shady yard to play in!

Earthday Celebration is no longer a priority for me. I know we will go as often as we can but there are other things we can do to celebrate and I know as Julia gets more engaged we will find all sorts of stuff to do.


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Evan said...

Making an Earth Day Resolution to make compost would be a great first step!